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Non-Governmental Organization

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-08) (DOD) A private, self-governing, not-for-profit organization dedicated to alleviating human suffering; and/or promoting education, health care, economic development, environmental protection, human rights, and conflict resolution; and/or encouraging the establishment of democratic institutions and civil society. Non-governmental organization (NGO) is a term that has become widely accepted for referring to a legally constituted, non-business organization created by natural or legal persons with no participation or representation of any government. In the cases in which NGOs are funded totally or partially by governments, the NGO maintains its non-governmental status insofar as it excludes government representatives from membership in the organization. The primary purpose of an operational NGO is the design and implementation of development-related projects. This term is also being used as civil society organization, CSO. They often impact the social, economic and political activities of communities and the country as a whole. NGOs could address a host of issues such as; women's rights, environmental protection, human rights, economic development, political rights, or health care. Sometimes written as nongovernmental organization.



Broader Terms:

civilian organization
United Nations

Narrower Terms:

Amnesty International
International Catholic Migration Commission
International Committee of the Red Cross
International Organization for Standardization
Mercy Corps
National Academy of Sciences

Related Terms:

civil-military operations center
intergovernmental organization
Non-State Actor
nonprofit organization
other governmental agency

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