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YPG Yuma Test Center

Definition/Scope: The Yuma Test Center(YTC) in Yuma Arizona is one of the Department of Defense's largest land holders (larger than the Rhode Island), with state-of-the-art facilities and ranges covering more than 1300 square miles of terrain and 2000 square miles of restricted airspace. The YTC is a multi-purpose test complex that works with nearly every commodity in the ground combat arsenal. The center is also the Army's desert environment test expert, where grueling terrain and extreme heat combine to challenge equipment in demanding real-world conditions. All the center's test sites are connected by over 600 miles of fiber-optic cable. The Yuma Test Center's environmental conditions add up to almost perfect testing and training conditions. The test center has the entire infrastructure for fully and realistically testing nearly all weapon systems in the ground combat arena. Most importantly, the proving ground has it the area for a wide variety uses: artillery, manned and unmanned aviation systems, armor, tactical vehicle, electronic countermeasure, and air delivery testing.

Broader Terms:

Army Test and Evaluation Command
Developmental Test Command
Yuma Proving Ground

Narrower Terms:

equipment testing
field test
research and development, test and evaluation
test and evaluation

Related Terms:

YPG Cold Regions Test Center
YPG Tropic Regions Center

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