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Forward Deployed Naval Force

Definition/Scope: A forward deployed naval force (FDNF) is comprised of ships and support personnel that are needed to provide an initial response force s required by the COCOM or theater commander. In addition to providing wartime support, FDNF's are used to provide humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Forces deployed for routine exercises and activities are also the forces most likely to be called upon to respond rapidly to an emerging crisis. The potential for escalation dictates that presence forces must be shaped for missions they may encounter. This provides theater commanders with credible crisis-response capabilities in the event normal conditions or outcomes do not turn out as we expect. Building on normally deployed forces, the CDR can mass, if the situation requires, multiple Aircraft Carrier Battle Groups into Carrier Battle Forces, Amphibious Ready Groups with embarked Marine Expeditionary Units, and as needed project our naval expeditionary forces ashore using the afloat Maritime Prepositioning Force. Such a massing of naval units can be complemented by the deployment of Army and Air Force units to provide a joint force capable of the full range of combat operations that may be required.



Broader Terms:

7th fleet
National Military Strategy
US Marine Corps
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

Marine Expeditionary Unit

Related Terms:

Naval Special Warfare Group
South West Pacific Area
Task Force 70
Task Force 72
Task Force 73
Task Force 74
Task Force 76
US Pacific Command, Combatant Command, AOR/Unified

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