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RQ-5 Hunter

Definition/Scope: The RQ-5 Hunter was designed to be the Army’s short range UAS for division and corps commanders. The Hunter was deployed to Kosovo to support NATO operations. It also performed missions with Department of Homeland Security for border security. The RQ-5 Hunter was replaced by the RQ-7 Shadow.



Broader Terms:

Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security
Tier III (UAV)
Unmanned Aircraft System (by name)

Narrower Terms:

situational awareness

Related Terms:

Battle Damage Assessment
Bell Eagle Eye
CQ-10 Snowgoose
Global Hawk
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
M/RQ-1 Predator
MQ-1 Predator
MQ-1C Sky Warrior
MQ-8B Fire Scout
MQ-9 Reaper
RQ-11 Raven
RQ-4 Global Hawk
RQ-7 Shadow
RQ-7A Shadow
search and rescue

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