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MQ-1C Sky Warrior

Definition/Scope: The extended-range multi-purpose (ERMP) ’Sky Warrior’ unmanned aircraft system (UAS-MQ-1C) is assigned to the Combat Aviation Brigades of the division and provides dedicated support to assigned fires brigades, battlefield surveillance brigades, brigade combat teams, and other Army and Joint Force units according to the division commander’s priorities. The Sky Warrior UAS gives COCOMs a much-improved, real-time response capability for long-dwell, wide-area reconnaissance, surveillance & target acquisition, communications relay, manned-unmanned teaming and target attack capability. The Sky Warrior addresses an ever increasing demand for greater range, altitude, endurance, and payload flexibility with the capability for mission change in flight. The Sky Warrior configuration, fielded in company sets, consists of 12 multi-role air vehicles, 5 universal ground control stations, 2 portable ground control stations, 5 tactical common data link (TCDL) ground data terminals, 2 portable TCDL ground data terminals, 1 ground satellite communications system, 4 automatic-takeoff-and-landing systems, and associated ground support equipment. The Sky Warrior can carry multiple payloads and has wing hardpoints for carriage of external stores including expendable sensors and weapons. Up to four Hellfire / Viper-Strike weapons could be carried. Unlike the US Air Force Predator, Army Warriors will be configured to fly autonomously. The system will utilize the ’One Station’, the US Army standard STANAG 4586 compatible UAS common ground station also used for the control of the RQ-7B Shadow, MQ-5B Hunter and future combat system’s Vertical take-off and Landing UAS (FireScout VTUAV). The use of a common ground station offers better utilization of available assets and manpower skills.

Used For:

Sky Warrior

Broader Terms:

Combat Aviation Brigade
Unmanned Aircraft System

Related Terms:

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