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Micro Air Vehicle

Definition/Scope: The Micro Air Vehicle (MAV) Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) is designed as a ducted fan air vehicle, and flies like a helicopter, using a propeller that draws in air through a duct to provide lift. The MAV’s propeller is enclosed in the duct and is driven by a gasoline engine. A heavy fuel engine variant of the MAV will be available in 2006. The MAV is controlled using Honeywell’s micro-electrical mechanical systems (MEMS) electronic sensor technology. The system consists of two air vehicles with support equipment of fuel, batteries, an observer/controller unit, remote video terminal and starter. Each vehicle weighs about 17 pounds fully fueled, is 13 inches in diameter and designed to be transported in a back pack. The vehicle operates at altitudes of 100 to 500 feet above ground level, and can provide forward and down-looking day or night video or still imagery. The vehicle will operate in a variety of weather conditions including rain and moderate winds. The MAV is part of the Future Combat Systems concept for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance UAS roles.

Used For:




Broader Terms:

Unmanned Aircraft System
Unmanned Aircraft System (by name)

Narrower Terms:

DelFly Micro

Related Terms:

aerial reconnaissance
Desert Hawk
Unmanned Aerial Systems

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