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Force Protection Airborne Surveillance System

Definition/Scope: The Force Protection Airborne Surveillance System (FPASS) is a system that allows security forces to see beyond base perimeters and can provide a rapid visual assessment of detected threats. The Desert Hawk UAS is the center of the system. It is a critical surveillance tool that will protect and save lives by providing essential real time information on potential threats. The portable UAS is an “eye in the sky,” seeing all and transmitting real-time images back to its security-forces pilots who are responsible for the safety of aircraft taking off and landing at the air base. The system is run by Electronic Systems Center. Each FPASS consists of a ground control station, which has a computer, displays, recorder and communications equipment; six UASs; a remote imagery viewing terminal; interchangeable payloads of color cameras and thermal imagers for day and night time imagery; and transportation cases and launch equipment.



Broader Terms:

Force Protection

Narrower Terms:

base defense reaction forces
Desert Hawk
Military Police
security police

Related Terms:

RQ-14 Dragon Eye
security forces

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