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Palestinian Authority

Definition/Scope: The Palestinian National Authority (PNA or PA) is the administrative organization established to govern parts of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. The PNA was formed in 1994, pursuant to the Oslo Accords between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the government of Israel, as a 5-year interim body during which final status negotiations between the two parties were to take place but never did. According to the Accords, the PA was designated to have control over both security-related and civilian issues in Palestinian urban areas, and only civilian control over Palestinian rural areas. The remainder of the territories, including Israeli settlements, the Jordan Valley region, and bypass roads between Palestinian communities, were to remain under exclusive Israeli control. East Jerusalem was excluded from the Accords. The transfer from Israel to the Palestinian Authority took place in additional areas of the West Bank pursuant to the Israel-PLO 28 September, 1995 Interim Agreement, the Israel-PLO 15 January, 1997 Protocol Concerning Redeployment in Hebron, the Israel-PLO October 23, 1998 Wye River Memorandum, and the 04 September, 1999 Sharm el-Sheikh Agreement. After the interim period, the second phase was expected to be the "permanent status" or "final status" negotiations, to resolve "remaining issues, including: Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, security arrangements, borders, relations and cooperation with other neighbors, and other issues of common interest." A final status agreement would mark the official peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, including the possible establishment of a sovereign Palestinian state. The Palestinian Authority was given the responsibility for combating terrorism and coordinating security with Israel. Following the implementation of the Oslo agreements, the PA gained control over all of the Gaza Strip excluding Israeli settlements (over 85 percent of the area) and 39.7 percent of the territory of Judea and Samaria, the West Bank. The land areas were chosen so that ninety-nine percent of the Palestinian population resides under the Palestinian Authority’s jurisdiction. On 20 January, 1996 Palestinian Arabs elected an 88-member legislative council and a president of the Palestinian Authority. The date of the elections was more than 18 months later than planned, a delay used by Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader Yaser Arafat to consolidate his grip on the Palestinian populace and silence opposition.

Used For:

Palestinian National Authority



Broader Terms:

Oslo Peace Accords

Narrower Terms:

Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade
Gaza Strip
Palestinian Liberation Organization
West Bank

Related Terms:

HAMAS (Islamic Resistance Movement)
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades
Oslo Peace Accords
Palestine Liberation Organization

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