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Defense Logistics Agency Europe and Africa

Definition/Scope: Defense Logistics Agency Europe and Africa (DLA-E/A) serves as the Defense Logistics Agency?s focal point for U.S. European Command and U.S. Africa Command issues. They provide a single DLA interface for EUCOM and Africa Command warfighters, reaching back to other DLA activities in Europe and the continental United States for logistics solutions. They provide on-site, tailored customer support through their network of Warfighter Support Representatives. Their liaison and planners in Stuttgart, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein Air Base and Heidelberg, Germany, and Naples, Italy, help logisticians at USEUCOM and Africa Command and their subordinates plan operations and exercises. The total geographic responsibility includes 55.8 million square miles, covering 103 nations in all of Europe and parts of Africa, Asia and North America. It extends from 500 miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States to the Pacific coast of Russia and includes two-thirds of the Earth?s coastlines, spanning 18 time zones.

Used For:

DESC Europe


DLA Europe

Broader Terms:

Defense Logistics Agency
US Africa Command, Combatant Command, AOR/GEO/Unified
US European Command, Combatant Command, AOR/Unified

Narrower Terms:


Related Terms:

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Defense Energy Support Center
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