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Defense Energy Support Center

Definition/Scope: (JP 4-03) Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) is the integrated manager for bulk petroleum and associated storage facilities. As such, DESC is responsible for the acquisition of bulk petroleum products and providing product support to the geographic combatant commands and Military Services. The Defense Energy Support Center’s (DESC), located at Fort Belvoir, VA, mission is to provide the Department of Defense and other government agencies with comprehensive energy solutions in the most effective and economical manner possible. The origin of the DESC dates back to World War II. Originally it was an entity of the Department of Interior as the Army-Navy Petroleum Board. Its mission was to administer the critical petroleum requirements during World War II. In 1945, it was transferred to the War Department and became the Joint Army-Navy Purchasing Agency. The Agency underwent several name changes, but its mission remained essentially the same until 1962. At that time, it became a part of the consolidated military supply organization, the Defense Supply Agency, now known as the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The Center was designated the Defense Fuel Supply Center (DFSC) in 1964 as a single entity to purchase and manage the Department of Defense's petroleum products and coal. In 1973, DFSC progressed from a wholesale fuel central procurement activity to a more comprehensive logistics mission as the Integrated Material Manager (IMM) for the Department of Defense (DOD) petroleum requirements. On 11 Feb 98 the DFSC was changed to DESC. With it came a new mission to build an energy program aimed at moving the DOD out of the management of energy infrastructure and into the management of energy products. The energy enterprise mission was added to assist the Military Services with the privatization of utility related infrastructure and energy savings performance contracts to decrease energy usage and energy demand. On 01 Oct. 01, DESC assumed a new mission from the US Air Force to serve as the DOD's IMM for space and space related products and services and provides world-class support and business solutions to not only DOD, but other Federal Agencies, Government contractors, and academia. That mission encompasses 92 national stock numbers with each product supporting at least one DOD Major Weapon System. The addition of this mission makes DESC a full service provider of all energy and energy-related products. On 11 Aug. 04, the Secretary of Defense designated DLA as the Executive Agent for Bulk Petroleum. This authority was delegated to DESC on 01 Nov. 04 with the responsibility to execute Supply Chain Management for all DOD Bulk Petroleum, with an emphasis on improving efficiency and minimizing duplication or redundancy within the supply chain. On 01 Oct 06, DESC became the DOD IMM for both bulk Aviator's Breathing Oxygen and Liquid Nitrogen.



Broader Terms:

Army Prepositioned Stock
Defense Distribution Center
Defense Logistics Agency
Secretary of Defense
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified
US Transportation Command, Combatant Command, Unified

Narrower Terms:

DESC Americas
DESC Europe
DESC Middle East
DESC Pacific
Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants

Related Terms:

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combat logistics support
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Defense Distribution Center
Defense Logistics Agency Central
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