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Defense Supply Center (Richmond)

Definition/Scope: Defense Supply Center Richmond (DSCR) is Defense Logistics Agency’s aviation demand and supply chain manager and is located in Richmond VA. DSCR is the primary source of supply for more than 1.3 million repair parts and operating supply items supporting 1,300 major weapon systems. More than 444,000 of the items are aviation parts, including spares for engines on fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft and helicopters; airframe and landing gear parts; flight safety equipment; and propeller systems. Positioned alongside its military customers, DSCR manages the supply, storage and distribution sites at Robins Air Force Base, Ga., Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., Hill Air Force Base, Utah, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, N.C., Naval Air Station North Island, Calif., and Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla. DSCR also manages the depot-level reparable procurement operations at Robins, Tinker and Hill Air Force Bases, Navy Inventory Control Point Philadelphia, and at Army Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command, Huntsville, Ala. The aviation supply chain has personnel at over a dozen stateside sites directly supporting warfighters, including Philadelphia. DSCR also operates an industrial plant equipment repair facility at Navy Inventory Control Point, Mechanicsburg, Pa. The installation was opened in 1942. Originally activated as the Richmond General Depot, the site was later renamed the Richmond Armed Service Forces Depot, which became the Richmond Quartermaster Depot. In its first two decades, the mission of the Richmond Quartermaster Depot was one of traditional logistics support to the U.S. Army with emphasis on Quartermaster items. When the Military General Supply Agency was activated in 1962, it absorbed the Defense Supply Agency. This resulted in an expanded for the depot, which included supply management of more than 30,000 general supply items for the military services and certain civilian agencies worldwide. The installation name changed to Defense General Supply Center to match its new logistical mission. In 1977 Defense Supply Agency became Defense Logistics Agency. In 1986, depot operations were separated from inventory control point functions and a separate command was established on the site - Defense Distribution Depot Richmond.



Broader Terms:

Army Prepositioned Stock
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Supply Center
Secretary of Defense
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified
US Transportation Command, Combatant Command, Unified

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combat logistics support
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