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Defense Supply Center (Philadelphia)

Definition/Scope: The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia (DSCP) supplies and manages over $13.4 billion worth of food, clothing and textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and construction and equipment supplies in support of America’s warfighters worldwide and their eligible dependents. Other customers include America’s school children participating in federal school lunch programs, and other non-Defense Department customers. DSCP provides a seamless supply system that can be utilized in both peace and wartime operations. DSCP, as a single inventory control point, will stay relevant and responsive as we transition to the agile and focused logistics of the 21st Century. The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia’s roots trace back to 1800 with the construction of the Schuylkill Arsenal in Philadelphia. The Arsenal began as a warehouse for ammunition and other military supplies. The first opportunity for the Arsenal to serve the nation in an actual war came during the War of 1812 by supplying guns and ammunition, as well as clothing and textile materials. In 1818 the Schuylkill Arsenal gave up its ammunitions and arms mission to fully dedicate itself to manufacturing, storing and distributing clothing and textile materials. The enormous requirements of the war highlighted the need for a larger facility, so the operation moved between 1918 and 1922 to newly constructed buildings in South Philadelphia. Four years later the facility was renamed the "Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot." The new buildings, including a clothing factory, were completed in early 1942. In 1965, the "Defense Personnel Support Center" was officially established and its mission was expanded to provide food, medicines and medical supplies, in addition to its already essential clothing and textile supply responsibilities. The Defense Subsistence Supply Center of Chicago and the Defense Medical Supply Center in Brooklyn, N.Y. moved to the South Philadelphia location. This concentration of all three directorates in one space provided an efficiency that was immediately tested by the Vietnam War. As a result of the 1995 Base Realignment and Closure Commission’s decision, the Defense Industrial Supply Center was disestablished effective July 2, 1999. Material management responsibilities for DISC’s assigned commodities- general and industrial items- were absorbed by DSCP effective July 3, 1999. The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia-European Region is the warfighters’ supplier of choice in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. DSCPE maintains 11 offices in seven nations. The Defense Supply Center Philadelphia-Pacific maintains 15 Offices in 5 countries in two states and one US territory. Support offices in Alaska, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Guam and Hawaii provide rapid and flexible solutions to logistical challenges within the area.



Broader Terms:

Army Prepositioned Stock
Defense Logistics Agency
Defense Supply Center
Secretary of Defense
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified
US Transportation Command, Combatant Command, Unified

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combat logistics support
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Defense Logistics Agency Central
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Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Logistics)
Global Transportation Network
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US Army Material Command, Combatant Command, Functional

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