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Definition/Scope: The SA-9 Gaskin is a Soviet amphibious mobile SAM system. It was first introduced in the 1975 Red Square Parade. The Gaskin consists of the SA-9 launcher atop the BRDM-2A. The Gaskin can carry two missiles boxes on the launch pad and four more inside for reload purposes. Missiles can be launched one at a time, two at a time, or four at a time. The SA-9 is fitted with an HE-fragmentation warhead and proximity fuse with a lethal radius of 5 m and damage radius of 7.6 m. One SA-9 TEL (SA-9 Mod A, BRDM-2A1 or SA-9A TEL) in each battery has been fitted with Flat Box A passive radar detection antenna, one either side of the hull above the front wheel housings, one under the left launch canisters pointing forward and one mounted on a small frame above the rear engine deck plate pointing rearwards to give 360ยบ coverage. The TEL with no Flat Box A system is known as the SA-9 Mod B, BRDM-2A2 or SA-9B. The vehicle crew of three consists of the commander, driver and gunner and there is an IR system for the first two to use at night. An air-filtration and overpressure NBC system is fitted as standard. In combat the missiles are usually sequentially fired (two per target) to increase the kill probability with a time between rounds of about five seconds. Reloading is performed manually and takes about five minutes to accomplish.



Broader Terms:

antiaircraft missile
BRDM-2 armored scout car
foreign air defense systems

Narrower Terms:

Surface-to-Air Missile

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