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1st Sustainment Command

Definition/Scope: The 1st Sustainment Command (Theater) provides Joint C2 of logistics and select forces in support of Combat Operations across the Full Spectrum of Conflict; redeployment of rotating forces; and sustainment of operating forces in the CENTCOM AOR. The 1st Sustainment Command (1st TSC) is the first theater sustainment command to exist in the active-duty Army. As logisticians of the 1st TSC, former 1st COSCOM Soldiers will no longer support the XVIII Airborne Corps and Fort Bragg as they had done since June 1972. Instead, the 1st TSC is tasked with providing logistical support all of the U.S. Army Central Command theater of operations. As a result of the transformation, the 1st TSC was to see its troops strength reduced from several thousand Soldiers down to approximately 400. The primary mission of the 1st TSC is to supervise, observe and contribute knowledge to other logistic units deploying to the CENTCOM Theater of operations. The 1st TSC is tasked with provide leadership to the 507th Corps Support Group as it supports the XVIII Airborne Corps until the 507th’s scheduled transformation to an independent corps asset in October 2006.


1st TSC

Broader Terms:

3rd Army
Fort Bragg
XVIII Airborne Corps

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Related Terms:

1st Corps Support Command
XVIII Airborne Corps

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