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M39 Missile system

Definition/Scope: The M39 Missile Warhead is used against personnel and soft targets normally with a target location error (TLE) of 150 m or less. Larger TLEs may reduce effectiveness. Each missile dispenses a cargo of approximately 950 antipersonnel and antimateriel (APAM) M74 grenades over the target area. Warhead event is initiated by an electronic time fuze (M219A2) that is set in the same manner as the M445 electronic time fuse of the M26 rocket. The fuse detonates shaped charges mounted to the skin and bulkheads. This in turn severs the skin. By means of centrifugal force and airstream currents, the M74 grenades are distributed over the target area. Arming of the M74 grenades is accomplished by the spin action which is induced on the individual grenade. The M74 grenade is filled with composition B explosive filler and is covered by a steel shell. Upon impact and detonation each grenade breaks up into a large number of high-velocity steel fragments that are effective against targets such as truck tires, missile rounds, thin-skinned vehicles, and radar antennas. This submunition is not effective against armored vehicles. The M74 grenade also contains incendiary material and has an antipersonnel radius of 15 m.

Broader Terms:

Army Tactical Missile System
US Army Aviation and Missile Command

Narrower Terms:


Related Terms:

air defense artillery
Multiple Launch Rocket Systems

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