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Trojan Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence

Definition/Scope: The purpose of the SPIRIT II system is to provide a means for the S2/G2 to receive and disseminate intelligence products in support of CORPS, Division or maneuver commander. This system is also used as the principle reach back capability for access to the Joint World Wide Intelligence Communication System (JWICS) and the SECRET Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNET). The SPIRIT II system consists of ND1 communication and electronic equipment integrated into shelter, mounted on a HMMWV. A satellite communications (SATCOM) platform includes an integrated 2.4-meter quick erect SATCOM antenna mounted on a towable trailer, networking equipment, on-board power generation equipment, uninterruptable power supply, and an environmental control unit. The automated data processing (ADP) equipment uses Intel based computers with the Microsoft NT operating system, running standard intelligence software products such as the Joint Deployable Intelligence Support Software (JDISS) and the All Source Analysis Software (ASAS). This system also includes a video teleconferencing capability.

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Broader Terms:

Joint Network Transport Capabilities - Spiral
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical

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Related Terms:

Joint Network Node-Network
satellite communication
split-based operation

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