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Quick Reaction Combat Capability

Definition/Scope: The Quick Reaction Combat Capability is a plan that integrated and automated the detect-control-engage sequence to provide a layered defense of electronic warfare and hard-kill weapons. More than 20 acquisition programs comprise this effort to provide a quick reaction combat capability (QRCC) and integrated command-and-control system. The QRCC system architecture integrates several existing stand-alone systems whose contributions to ship defense are combined, processed, and controlled by the Ship Self-Defense System. The system provides multisensor processing, target identification, and an automated detect-control-engage capability. Shipboard sensors are fused to establish accurate, correlated, firm-track criteria as early in the detection phase as possible. Embedded electronic warfare doctrine automates soft-kill and hard-kill weapons to provide a rapid, layered defensive reaction to any detected threat.

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Broader Terms:

Ship Self Defense System
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

target identification

Related Terms:

anti-air Warfare
Anti-ship cruise missile

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