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Army Civilian University

Definition/Scope: The Secretary of the Army and Army Chief of Staff established the Army Civilian University (ACU) as a direct answer to multiple detailed studies and analyses recommending greater accessibility and visibility of educational opportunity to its Civilian Corps. The ACU is an institution based on organizational structure and common standards, rather than the physical construct and central location of a university that one might expect. The ACU is to serve as the connective tissue between educational institutions focused primarily on Army civilians. Army Civilian University is the emerging institution charged with the development and oversight of an enterprise approach to civilian education. It is the organizational unification of select academic institutions that serve primarily civilians in support of the Army mission. ACU was created to achieve greater visibility and opportunity for civilian personnel — while having the adaptability and assets to provide civilians the training that Army and its commanders need most. ACU supports U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command's (TRADOC) establishment of integrated curricula with a standardized, competency-based approach to civilian education and leader development.

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Broader Terms:

Combined Arms Center
US Army Training and Doctrine Command

Narrower Terms:

Army Management Staff College

Related Terms:

Civilian Education System
Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division
Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education
distance learning

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