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Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division

Definition/Scope: The Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division (CAC-CDID) executes capability development and integration for Combined Arms operations at the Division level and above for specified areas in order to develop DOTMLPF- integrated Combined Arms capabilities that enhance the United States current force, supplement their future force and leverage existing joint capabilities. Its subunits include Concept Development Division, Requirements Determination Division, Battle Command Battle Lab, TCM Battle Command, TCM CEW, Information Proponent Office.



Broader Terms:

Combined Arms Center
Combined Arms Center-Training
Fort Leavenworth

Narrower Terms:

battle command
Battle Command Battle Lab
Concept Development Division
Information Proponent Office
personnel recovery
Requirements Determination Division
TRADOC Capability Manager Battle Command
TRADOC Capability Manager Computer Network Operations Electronic Warfare
TRADOC Capability Manager Electronic Warfare Integration

Related Terms:

Army Civilian University
Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education

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