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Theater Air-Ground System

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-52) The Theater Air-Ground System (TAGS) is not a complete and separate system for airspace management within a theater of operations. It combines each service's airspace management system that supports the JFC. The TAGS is not a transparent airspace management system; rather, it provides the framework that allows each service system to exist in a joint and coalition force environment and support the JFC. The TAGS is not a formal system in itself but rather the sum of the component air-ground systems operating in the theater. It applies to all theater operations to include air, ground, maritime, and amphibious operations. Individual service systems are described in detail and illustrated. Not all of the elements must be in place for all operations.



Broader Terms:

Joint Air Ground Integration Cell

Narrower Terms:

Air Force Theater Air Control System
Joint Air Operations Center
Marine Air Command and Control System
Navy Tactical Air Control System
Theater Air Control System

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