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Wideband Military Satellite Communication

Definition/Scope: The Wideband satellite is one of three types of milsatcom systems. The systems are wideband, protected or narrowband. The Wideband systems emphasize high capacity. Assured capacity is the primary goal of the military’s wideband communications sector. Wideband data rates are defined as those greater than 64 kilobits per second. The military’s wideband requirements are currently supported by DSCS and the GBS, as well as commercial systems. These military systems, together with the planned Wideband Gapfiller satellites, will form the Interim Wideband System, which will eventually give way to the Advanced Wideband System. The Wideband Gapfiller Satellite program will provide the next generation of wideband communications for the DOD. The constellation will supplement the military X-band (roughly 7–8 gigahertz) communications capability now provided by the Defense Satellite Communications System and the military Ka-band capability of the GBS. In addition, the Wideband Gapfiller Satellite program will include a high-capacity two-way Ka-band capability to support mobile and tactical personnel.


Wideband Global SATCOM



Broader Terms:

Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Satellite Communications
Global Information Grid

Narrower Terms:

Defense Satellite Communications System
Wideband Gapfiller System

Related Terms:

Global Broadcast System
Joint Network Node-Network
Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
Protected Military Satellite Communication
Wideband Global Satcom Satellite

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