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Joint Communications System

Definition/Scope: (JP 6-0) The objective of the joint communications system is to assist the joint force commander (JFC) in command and control (C2) of military operations. One role of the communications system is to ensure connectivity throughout the battlespace, thus providing JFCs with the capability to effectively plan, conduct, and sustain joint operations. A second role is to provide JFCs the principal tool with which they collect, transport, process, protect, and disseminate information. Through the exchange of information, effective C2 integrates joint force components, allowing them to function effectively across vast distances in austere or complex environments and in all weather conditions. The third role of the communications system is to provide processes and procedures which help ensure information availability and to facilitate joint and multinational operations. The communications system supporting US military forces must have the capability to rapidly adapt to changing demands; to provide information that is needed (the right information), where needed (the right place), and when needed (the right time), protected from interception and exploitation and presented in a useful format. By meeting these fundamental objectives, the communications system allows joint forces to seize on opportunity and meet mission objectives. The communications system facilitates information sharing and decision support and is an essential building block in today's operational environment. The basic functions of information systems are the acquisition, processing, storage, transport, control, protection, dissemination, and presentation of information/communication.



Broader Terms:

Defense Information Systems Network

Narrower Terms:

command, control, communications and computers
Global Information Grid
Network Operations

Related Terms:

Joint Communications Support Element
Joint Forces Commander
network support company

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