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Wideband Global Satcom Satellite

Definition/Scope: These digitally channelized, transponded satellites provide communications capacity, connectivity and flexibility for U.S. military forces, while maintaining interoperability with existing and programmed X- and Ka-band terminals. WGS will provide essential communications services for combatant commanders to command and control their tactical forces. Tactical forces will rely on WGS to provide high-capacity connectivity into the terrestrial portion of the Defense Information Systems Network. A constellation of five satellites will provide service in both the X and Ka-band frequency spectrums. WGS will supplant X-band communications now provided by the DSCS and one-way Ka-band service provided by the GBS. Additionally, WGS will provide a new two-way Ka-band service. The mission/vision of WGS is to provide flexible, high-capacity communications for the United States’ warfighters by developing, launching and testing the Wideband Global SATCOM Satellites and control systems. A description of WGS is a multi-service program that leverages commercial methods and technological advances in the satellite industry to rapidly design, build, launch and support a constellation of highly capable military communications satellites. The first three WGS satellites will be launched in 2007 and 2008. Both the Delta IV and Atlas V Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELV) will be used. Satellites 4 and 5 are anticipated for launch in 2011 and 2012. The Wideband Global SATCOM system is composed of three principal segments: Space Segment (satellites), Control Segment (operators) and Terminal Segment (users). The MILSATCOM Systems Wing (MCSW) is responsible for development, acquisition fielding and sustainment of the WGS Program. Factsheet from the AFSC.



Used For:




Broader Terms:

Advanced Extremely High Frequency System
Defense Satellite Communications System
defense support program satellites
Global Broadcast System
Military Satellite Communication
Protected Military Satellite Communication
US Air Force

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Narrowband System
Advanced Wideband System

Related Terms:

Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
Protected Military Satellite Communication
Protection WFF
Wideband Military Satellite Communication

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