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Protected Military Satellite Communication

Definition/Scope: Military satellite communications (or milsatcom) systems are typically categorized as wideband, protected, or narrowband. Protected systems stress antijam features, covertness, and nuclear survivability. Protected systems have the ability to avoid, prevent, negate, or mitigate the degradation, disruption, denial, unauthorized access, or exploitation of communications services by adversaries or the environment. Future protected systems include the Advanced Extremely High Frequency System and Advanced Polar System.



Broader Terms:

Global Command and Control System

Narrower Terms:

Extremely High Frequency
ultrahigh frequency
very high frequency
Very Low Frequency
Wideband Global Satcom Satellite

Related Terms:

Advanced Extremely High Frequency System
Advanced Narrowband System
Advanced Wideband System
Global Broadcast Service
Global Broadcast System
Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on
Wideband Military Satellite Communication

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