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Captain’s Career Course Engineer

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The Engineer Captain’s Career Course Phase 2 is divided into the following modules: administration (42 hrs), leadership foundations (54 hrs), doctrinal foundations (53 hrs), engineer tactical tools and explosive hazards (198 hrs), engineer planning (204 hrs), battle focused training (25 hrs), general engineering (184 hrs), capstone warfighter exercise with military police and chemical officers (48 hrs), and a commander’s fundamentals prior to graduation (40 hrs). The course balances distance learning (dL) technology with small (1:16) and large group (1:64) classroom instruction and practical exercises. Officers are tested on comprehension through dL computer based testing and applied in class planning exams. Officer writing skills are tested through two 5-8 page historical battle analysis papers and they also participate in a historical staff ride to Pea Ridge (2 day) or Wilsons Creek battlefields (1 day). Engineer captains will attend the engineer CCC, at about the 4th year of service. Attendance at the CCC will be either PCS or PCS and return as fits the needs of the Army and follow-on assignment. This will prepare the officer for company-level command and duties at battalion or higher levels. Some engineer officers may attend another branch's CCC. The credit earned from attendance at another branch's course is the same as having attended the engineer course. Special training (for example, Sapper Leader Course, Airborne, Ranger, and so on) to support an officer's next assignment, may follow the completion of the CCC. This 24-week course is divided into five modules: Module A Leadership Foundations, Module B Construction Engineering, Module C Common Core Tactics, Module D Engineer Specifics Tactics, and finishing with Module E Capstone Training Exercise.



Broader Terms:

Captain's Career Course by name

Narrower Terms:

554th ENG BN
combat engineers

Related Terms:

Fort Leonard Wood
US Army Corps of Engineers
US Army Engineer Research and Development Center

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