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Captain's Career Course Armor

Definition/Scope: The Maneuver Captains Career Course (MC3) at Fort Knox, Kentucky, is a 20 week course that prepares company grade officers for company command and staff assignments at the Battalion and Brigade level. The conduct of the course is centered on a small group of twelve students. In addition to US Army students from various branches, small groups will have officers from the USMC and from a wide range of foreign armies. 3d Squadron, 16th Cavalry Regiment’s mission is to train and develop officers of the MC3 in order to enable the officers to become adaptive, agile and self confident combined arms staff officers and commanders capable of performing combat tasks in a full spectrum environment against an adaptive enemy. The student will have demonstrated mastery of the fundamentals of tactics and doctrine, IPB, MDMP, troop leading procedures, and rapid decision making. They will also be trained as a Tank and Mechanized Company Commander, a Combined Arms Battalion and RSTA Squadron staff officer, and Heavy Brigade Combat Team staff officer.



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Captain's Career Course by name

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