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Captain’s Career Course Field Artillery

Definition/Scope: The Field Artillery Captain’s Career Course (FACCC) consists of approximately 18 weeks of branch specific technical and tactical training with integrated common core instruction. This training prepares officers to command at battery level, perform fire support coordination as a battalion level fire support officer, or work as a key staff officer on a battalion or brigade level staff. Selected captains may have an opportunity to attend one of the other Maneuver, Fires & Effects (MF& E) Career Courses. A Field Artillery officer, for example, may attend the infantry or armor CCC. This cross training option benefits officers of both branches. Selection is competitive and these slots are generally reserved for officers with key developmental experiences. The following are some of the key areas covered in the course: the operations of the Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data Systems (AFATDS) -- that is the core multi-service automated command and control system for fire support operations, how to evaluate fire missions and verify the computations of all safety data, cannon battery functions, communications, fire support, field artillery operations, MLRS operations, principles of fire direction, and other skills in the core curriculum that are critical to a Field Artillery captain.



Broader Terms:

Army Field Artillery School
Captain's Career Course Armor
Captain's Career Course by name
Captains Career Course Infantry
CMF 13 (Field Artillery)

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
danger close

Related Terms:

428th FA BDE
AFATDS Command and Staff Course
Artillery Liaison Officer
Field Artillery
Fort Sill

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