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Captain's Career Course Finance

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The 20 week Finance Captain's Career Course (FCCC) is designed to be graduate level education for the finance company grade officer. This training is divided into five phases: Phase 1 is a distance learning phase; Phase 2 is an ADT phase conducted at the Finance School at Fort Jackson; Phase 3 is a distance learning phase with branch specific training; Phase 4 is an ADT phase conducted at the Finance School; and Phase 5 is a distance learning phase. Phase 1 must have been completed prior to this phase. Students have 9 months to complete Phase 3 (CD-ROM or paper). Although not all encompassing, the following areas are stressed throughout the course: Leadership, Tactical, Technical, Peers, Briefing and Writing, and Preparation for Detachment Command. The class also has the following major events: Branch Assignments Visit, Kennesaw Mountain Staff Ride, Three Week FTX, Battle Analysis Presentation, Combined Arms Exercise, Joint and Finance Organizational Briefings, and Training Management.



Broader Terms:

Army Finance Corps
Army Finance School
Captain's Career Course by name
CMF 44 (2008)

Narrower Terms:

finance disbursing section
finance support

Related Terms:

Defense Finance and Accounting Service
Fort Jackson

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