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Human Resources Area of Concentration officer

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The Army Gā€“1 approved merging AG Branch, personnel systems management, and FA 43A, Human Resources (HR) management populations into a single officer area of concentration (AOC) HR officer, 42B/42H. The primary goal of the merger is to provide the most effective professional HR support to the modular Army possible, while ensuring that the majority of officers in both specialties are not disadvantaged. The purpose of the HR AOC is to provide activities and functions to sustain human resource functions of manning the force, providing HR services, and personnel support to Soldiers, DA civilians, Families, contractors, retirees, veterans, and organizations providing support to operations within the commander's intent. HR officers manage functions from the HR life cycle that include personnel procurement, training, professional development, distribution, sustainment, retirement or separation, and help ensure a quality force. These functions are performed under the human resource umbrella of the Army Gā€“1 and are described in Field Manual 1ā€“0.


HR officer

Used For:

human resources management

Broader Terms:

Army Human Resources Command
Army officer functional areas
HRC Alexandria
HRC Indianapolis
HRC St. Louis

Related Terms:

Army Human Resources Command
Captain’s Career Course Adjutant General
HR officer

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