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Captain's Career Course Signal Corps

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) The primary mission of the Signal Corps (Branch 25) is to provide seamless, secure, continuous, and robust communication and information systems support at all levels from sustaining military bases to forward-deployed fighting forces in support of Army, Joint, combined, and coalition operations worldwide. Signal officers lead and manage Signal organizations, forces, and operations that enable globally-dispersed, network-centric warfare. The SCCC consists of the following topics: Signal systems tactics and doctrine; digital common tasks; digital and analog communications systems/networks planning, management and control; joint communications; communications interfaces; and electronic warfare. Army operations doctrine, common and collective staff procedures, problem solving, communication skills, and staff coordination techniques; Leadership, personnel administration, property accounting, training management, force integration, military justice, Agile Leadership, cultural awareness, decision making, negotiations, simulations, Operations Security (OPSEC) training and Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR). Officers generally attend the SCCC between the 4th and 7th YOS. SCCC is a permanent change of station (PCS) course. In preparation for the duties of a major, captains should have as a goal to serve at least 24 months in one or a combination of the following key developmental (KD) assignments: Company command, Non-Signal battalion S6, Transition team (TT) Signal mentor/advisor previous experience in these positions as a lieutenant is considered developmental, but is not credited as key developmental as a captain. AHRC Network and Space Operations Branch will make the final determination as to when an officer is determined to be a senior captain based off of experience, timing, and acquired competencies.

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Captain's Career Course by name

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Officer Basic Course Signal Corps

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