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Officer Basic Course Aviation

Definition/Scope: The Aviation Officer Basic Course (AVOBC), located at Fort Rucker, Alabama, is a course for newly commissioned Aviation lieutnants. The course is forty weeks in length and training is conducted in three phases: Phase I, Phase II and Phase III. Phase I is a two-week course that includes an orientation into the Aviation branch, and general leadership training. Phase II, also known as the Initial Entry Rotary Wing (IERW) phase, is thirty-two weeks of flight training broken down into three courses: primary flight, instrument flight, and basic combat skills. The primary and instrument flight courses are conducted in the TH-67 "Creek" helicopter. During this phase, ieutnants will receive instruction on operating rotary wing aircraft under visual and instrument flight conditions. Additionally, they will receive instruction in aero-medical, aerodynamics, meteorology, airspace, and helicopter operation along with flight training. The basic combat skill course is conducted in either the OH-58A/C "Kiowa" or the UH-1H "Huey" helicopter, and consists of instruction on operating rotary wing aircraft in a combat environment. Tasks include aerial navigation, terrain flight, evasive maneuvers, aero-scout operations, and tactical night flight. Phase III is six weeks of: war fighting and leadership training, culminating with a one-week field training exercise (FTX), Survival and Evasion Training Exercise (SETEX). Training in Phase III consists: Aviation platoon operations, combined arms operations, leadership training, survival and evasion training, weapon qualification, field training.

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Captain's Career Course Aviation
Officer Basic Course by name

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