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Captain's Career Course

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The Captains Career Course (CCC) facilitates Life–Long Learning through an educational experience that emphasizes leader competencies, integrates Captain's operational experiences with their institutional experience and facilitates self development. It provides captains an opportunity to learn the leader, tactical, and technical tasks and supporting skills and knowledge needed to lead company–size units and serve on battalion and brigade staffs. The CCC includes common core and branch–specific tactical and technical instruction, branch immaterial staff process professional development training. Some of the instruction include: (1) Establish and maintain a disciplined command climate that; (2) Execute the unit's assigned missions and: (3) Command, control, lead, supervise, discipline, train, and develop subordinates and care for their families. (4) Develop the unit METL and training plan. Schedule, resource, supervise, execute, and evaluate company and subunit individual and collective training. (5) Plan, supervise, and evaluate unit leader training and development, and personnel, administration, supply, maintenance, safety, and security actions. (6) Plan, supervise, and evaluate the safe use, maintenance, security, storage, and accountability of unit equipment and materiel. (7) Administer the UCMJ at the company level. (8) Advise the battalion level commander and staff on the status of company, platoon, and squad level training, equipment maintenance, and personnel (readiness, discipline, and needs). (9) The CCC branch–immaterial staff process training includes digitization training on tactical subsystems that are part of the Army's digitized command and control systems. (10) The CCC exercises involve realistic problems related to training, mobilization, staff planning for unit deployment, and combat operations.



Broader Terms:

Training and Doctrine Command

Narrower Terms:

leadership training
military training

Related Terms:

Army Officer Candidate School
Professional Military Education

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