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Air Officer/Air Liaison Officer

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-09.3) The AO/ALO advises the respective ground commanders on the capabilities and limitations of CAS. The AO/ALO should maintain awareness of the proposed sortie distribution for his respective ground element. AO/ALOs should work closely with other members of the staff such as the FSC to ensure the smooth and effective integration of CAS into the planning process. The AO/ALO is responsible for the specific planning tasks as indicated in each step of the CAS planning process. The air officer/air liaison officer ensures tactical air control party (TACP) movement is in accordance with the maneuver unit's observation plan. Most TACP operations require movement to forward assembly areas, observation posts, or battle positions during the preparation phase of an operation. (JP 1-02) The air liaison officer is the senior tactical air control party member attached to a ground unit who functions as the primary advisor to the ground commander on air power. An air liaison officer is usually an aeronautically rated officer.

Used For:

Air Officer
Fires WFF



Broader Terms:

air ground integration
Army airspace command and control
Close Air Support

Narrower Terms:

combat identification
fire support
requests for assistance

Related Terms:

Fire Support Coordinator
Fire Support Officer
Fires WFF
Forward Air Controller

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