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Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-03) The air defense airspace management/brigade aviation element (ADAM/BAE) cell is located at the brigade combat team. The ADAM/BAE coordinates airspace requirements with higher headquarters as well as joint or multinational forces. The air defense and airspace management (ADAM) cell provides liaison between the aviation brigade and air defense (AD) units. The employment of the ADAM element is essential in deconflicting airspace and preventing fratricide of friendly aircraft operating throughout the AO. The BAE is in the light, medium, and heavy BCTs and the battlefield surveillance brigade. Though not part of the aviation brigade staff; it plays an important role in aviation planning, execution, and AC2. Aviation brigade and aviation TF commanders must be personally involved in training, equipping, and mentoring BAEs. The BAE is a planning and coordination cell organic to each BCT whose major function is incorporating aviation into the ground commander's scheme of maneuver. The BAE focuses on providing employment advice and initial planning for aviation missions including; UAS, airspace planning and coordination, and Army aviation synchronization with the ALO and FSCOORD. The BAE also coordinates directly with the aviation brigade or supporting aviation TF for detailed mission planning. The BAE does not take the place of aviation TF involvement in the planning process. It assists the BCT in aviation planning and provides the aviation brigade or supporting aviation TF leadership with BCT mission information. It is critical for aviation commanders and S-3s to participate and lead aviation mission planning in support of the BCT. The BAE is organized and equipped to support the BCT and consists of a sufficient number of personnel for 24-hour operations. It uses the ABCS, which can network with the joint planning and communications architecture. The BAE is normally composed of a major, captain, senior warrant officer, and three enlisted Soldiers.



Broader Terms:

air ground integration
air-ground integration
Army Air-Ground System
Aviation Liaison team

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
Air Defense System Integrator
Close Air Support
Military DecisionMaking Process
missile defense
planning guidance

Related Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management
Air Support Operation Center
Army airspace command and control system
combined air operations center
Joint Air Ground Integration Cell
Marine Air Command and Control System
Navy Tactical Air Control System
Theater Air Control System

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