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Definition/Scope: O/C/Ts are subject matter experts in applying training and providing a critical presence throughout scenario execution, monitoring unit movements, and providing coaching and mentoring on conducting unit daily tasks. O/C/Ts set up and adjudicate events and act as a catalyst for cause and effect situations that arise. With a full understanding of tasks, conditions, and standards the unit must meet to achieve a desired end state, the O/C/Ts help the pro-COBs (civilians on the battlefield)implement realistic scenarios to better train the unit. The desired training end state culminates with meeting the unit training objectives. The O/C/T's judgment is the measuring stick for the successful end to training events. As mentors and coaches for the units, O/C/Ts ensure COBs are used effectively. It is imperative that COB role players and O/C/Ts work together to achieve a successful end to each training event, based on the desired end state.

Used For:

Subject Matter Expert



Broader Terms:

205th Infantry Brigade
Civil support operation
Joint Multinational Readiness Center
Tiger team

Narrower Terms:

urban area
Urban Operation

Related Terms:

Battle Command Training Program
collective training
Combat Maneuver Training Center
Joint Readiness Training Center
National Training Center
Tiger team

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