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205th Infantry Brigade

Definition/Scope: The 205th Infantry Brigade is a Multi- Component Team consisting of active, reserve and National Guard Soldiers and DA civilians. The Brigade's primary focus is the 1st Army post-mobilization training of U.S. Army forces bound to support Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi Freedom, and Multi National Task Force (East), Kosovo. They primarily operate and train at Camp Atterbury, Indiana. The Brigade also has the mission of training Army Reserve units in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana to ensure their combat readiness. The Brigade consists of three multi-component battalions (Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio), one active component battalion (Indiana), and one US Army Reserve logistical battalion (Indiana). Their division headquarters, 1st Army East is at Fort Meade, Maryland, with the brigade headquarters co-located both in Indianapolis and at Camp Atterbury. They place emphasis on a “train as you fight” via a theater immersion methodology, ensuring the trainers (called “OC-Ts” – Observers/Controllers-Trainers) are experienced, competent and knowledgeable of all theater-specific tactics, techniques and procedures. They are the 1st Army's Transportation and Kosovo Center of Excellence, and place emphasis on the basic fundamentals of warfighting, marksmanship, physical fitness, and the counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) fight. The 205th Infantry Brigade was first formed as part of the United States Army Reserve’s 103rd Division. It was active from 1921 to 1942 and then from 1963 through 1994, and then reformed in 2006. It was initially formed within the Organized Reserve Corps in Arizona and New Mexico, including the 409th and 410th Regiments. Its sister brigade within the 103rd Division was the 206th Brigade in Colorado, which included the 411th and 412th Regiments. In December 2006, the 205th Infantry Brigade was activated using the personnel and assets of 3rd Brigade, 85th Division (Training Support) and assumed the mission to train Army Reserve and National Guard units.


205th INF BDE

Broader Terms:

First Army
First Army Division East
US Army Reserve Command

Narrower Terms:

reserve training

Related Terms:

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