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Joint Air Operations Center

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-52) The joint air operations center (JAOC) is the senior level for airspace management within a theater of operations. It provides the JFACC with the required staff to support his responsibilities. The JAOC supports component air assets by planning, coordinating, executing, controlling, monitoring, assessing, and reporting air operations. It has three divisions within the center. They are the Combat Plans Division, Combat Operations Division, and the Combat Intelligence Division. (JP 3-56.1) A jointly staffed facility established for planning, directing, and executing joint air operations in support of the joint force commander’s operation or campaign objectives.



Broader Terms:

Joint Force Air Component Commander
Theater Air-Ground System

Narrower Terms:

air mobility element
Battlefield Coordination Detachment
Combat Intelligence Division
Combat Operations Division
Combat Plans Division
Forward Air Controller
naval and amphibious liaison element
Theater Air Control System

Related Terms:

air mobility division
combined air operations center
Deputy Area Air Defense Commander
Joint Forces Commander
Liaison Officer
Marine Air Command and Control System
Navy Tactical Air Control System

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