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Army Air-Ground System

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-03) The Army Air-Ground System (AAGS) provides the control system for synchronizing, coordinating, and integrating air operations with the commander's scheme of maneuver. The AAGS provides the means to initiate, receive, process, and execute requests for air support and to disseminate information and intelligence produced by aerial assets. Some elements of the AAGS come as liaisons and are provided by the Air Force. These elements are the theater airlift liaison officer (TALO), TACP, and the air support operations center (ASOC). They function as a single entity in planning, coordinating, deconflicting, and integrating the air support operations with ground elements. The principal Army agencies are command posts (CPs), FSEs, air defense elements, A2C2 elements, and coordination and liaison elements, such as the BCD, Theater Army Air and Missile Defense Coordinator, and GLOs.



Broader Terms:

Joint Air Ground Integration Cell
Joint Air Operations Center

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense Airspace Management/Brigade Aviation Element

Related Terms:

Air Force Theater Air Control System
Joint Air Ground Integration Cell
Marine Air Command and Control System
missile defense
Navy Tactical Air Control System
Theater Air Control System
Theater Army Air and Missile Defense Coordinator

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