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Extended Air Defense Task Force

Definition/Scope: The Headquarters Extended Air Defense Task Force (EADTF) was developed in order to strengthen common security and air defense goals and to promote standardization within the respective ground-based air defense forces. Therefore, it was determined that a tri-national (United States/ Netherlands/Germany) Extended Air Defense Task Force organization would be established. The initial headquarters was activated at Siegerland - Kaserne, Burbach, Germany on 2 August 1999. The official inauguration ceremony took place on 3 December 1999. The HQ EADTF relocated to Campbell Barracks, Heidelberg, Germany, in July 2004, due to the restructuring of the German ground-based air defense forces and the subsequent closure of the facilities in Burbach. The mission of the EADTF is to Plan, coordinate and provide liaison for US/NL/GE combined air defense activities, training, exercises, and interoperability tests. On order, assume mission related command and control functions or augment an Extended Air Defense organization. The Uited States terminated its membership in July of 2008.



Broader Terms:

Strategic Defense

Narrower Terms:

ballistic missile defense

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