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weapon control status

Definition/Scope: (FM 1-02) Weapon control statuses (weapons free, weapons tight, weapons hold) describe the relative degree of control of air defense fires. Weapon control statuses apply to weapon systems, volumes of airspace, or types of air platforms. The degree or extent of control varies depending on the tactical situation. Weapons Free—Weapons can fire at any air target not positively identified as friendly. This is the least restrictive weapon control status. Weapons Tight—Fire only at air targets that are identified as hostile according to the prevailing hostile criteria. Identification can be effected by a number of means to include visual identification (aided or unaided), electronic, or procedural means. Capabilities dictate that air defense artillery units engage threatening ballistic missiles and ASMs based on classification, not identification. Weapons Hold—Do not fire except in self-defense or in response to a formal order. This is the most restrictive weapon control status.

Broader Terms:

Air Defense
Battlefield Coordination Detachment

Narrower Terms:

air defense artillery
Rules Of Engagement
weapons tight

Related Terms:

High-altitude Missile Engagement Zone
Low-Altitude Missile Engagement Zone
Missile Engagement Zone
Weapons Free Zone

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