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Approach zone

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-07.2 ) An approach zone is #1 of four zones within an access control zone. The approach zone lies between the installation boundary and the access control zone. It is the area in which all vehicles must pass through before reaching the actual checkpoint. Specific functions that occur in the approach zone are: reducing the speed of incoming vehicles; sorting of traffic by vehicle type. For example, sorting employees, visitors, and delivery trucks into the proper lane before reaching the checkpoint; providing adequate queuing distance for vehicles waiting for entry to ensure minimal impact on traffic flow off post. This is particularly important during times of peak traffic; providing an appropriate standoff distance to allow the access controller to identify a potential threat vehicle, including any attempting entry through the outbound traffic lanes. This nationally recognized chart is enlarged on the inside of the back cover for easier viewing. Roadway layout and traffic control devices (such as signs, message systems, signals, and lane control markings) should be used to perform the functions of the approach zone. Drivers should be notified of the upcoming ACP, the proper speed of travel, and lane usage.

Broader Terms:

Access Control Point
Force Protection

Related Terms:

access control zone
Response zone
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