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Definition/Scope: Batasuna is the alleged political arm of the militant Basque separatist group, Euskadi Ta Askatasuna (more commonly known as ETA). The party, which was founded in 1978, has changed its name many times to avoid previous banning attempts. Over the last 10 years, it has been successively known as Herribatasuna , then Euskal Herritarok, now just Batasuna ("unity" in Basque). It was initially founded as a political coalition of left-wing groups, after the new Spanish constitution was rejected in the Basque country. The party demands Basque independence and socialism, and pre-eminence in the area of the Basque language over Spanish. Batasuna leaders and deputies have repeatedly found themselves in trouble with the courts. In December 1997, the entire 23-membership was sentenced to jail for collaborating with an armed group after showing a campaign video showing ETA activists. But they were released nearly two years later on a legal technicality.

Broader Terms:

Basque Fatherland and Liberty
foreign terrorist organization

Related Terms:

Euskal Herritarrok

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