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Combat tracker dog

Definition/Scope: (AR 190-12) A combat tracker dog gives units the ability to track individuals or groups in all environments without having visual or electronic contact. The combat tracker dog is capable of following human scent in order to: track the quarry (enemy) from human scent to reestablish contact with (a) survivors and/or escapees of ambush by friendly forces, (b) fleeing enemy attacker and/or ambush and/or mortar and/or rocket and/or sniper, (c) improvised explosive devices and/or mine layer, (d) escaped prisoners; track lost and/or missing friendly personnel from human scent to reestablish contact with (a) lost and/or missing patrols, (b) downed pilots, (c) hostages and/or prisoners of war (ambush); identify a specific individual out of a group from human scent. The CTD is capable of performing under the direct control of the handler, on leash or while wearing a harness. This particular MWD has been trained (in addition to others) to be bold but not aggressive, and they are steady under fire. As with other MWD some of the limitations include setting off booby traps, extreme weather or distracting elements in close proximity may lower performance.



Broader Terms:

kennel master
Military Police
Military Working Dog
shore patrol
US Marine Corps

Narrower Terms:

foot patrol
security team

Related Terms:

Combat tracker dog
Explosives Detector Dog
Mine Detection Dog
Narcotics Detector Dog
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Specialized Search Dog

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