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Specialized Search Dog

Definition/Scope: (AR 190-12) A Specialized Search (dog) (SSD) Military Working Dog (MWD), belonging to all services, which has been trained to detect firearms, ammunition and explosives. The SSD is capable of performing under the direct control of the handler, off leash or while wearing a harness. This particular MWD has been trained (in addition to other standards) to conduct VIP searches, to be bold but not aggressive, and they are steady under fire. As with other MWD some of the limitations include setting off booby traps, extreme weather or distracting elements in close proximity may lower performance. The SSD's mission is to support combat search operations by detecting firearms, ammunition, and explosive from a safe distance (off–leash) from personnel outside the base of operations. The SSD's training and superior sense of smell enables it to detect a wide variety of manufactured and improvised explosive devices. The 2 methods of searching are called free search and systematic search. There are 3 search types used by the SSD: the rummage search, low–risk search (used in a cordon and search operations) and finally, the high–risk search.

Used For:

law enforcement



Broader Terms:

kennel master
law enforcement
Military Police
Military Working Dog
US Air Force
US Army
US Marine Corps
US Navy

Narrower Terms:

cache search operation
Improvised Explosive Device
route reconnaissance

Related Terms:

Combat tracker dog
Explosives Detector Dog
Force Protection
health and welfare inspection
law enforcement
Mine Detection Dog
Narcotics Detector Dog
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog

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