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Definition/Scope: (AR 190-12) The handler provides the daily care and grooming for his assigned MWD. He ensures that proficiency skills are maintained in his assigned MWD. The handler and MWD perform either PNDD operations or PEDD operations. The handler and MWD are all trained for patrol but the variant for narcotics detector or explosive detector depends on the MWD team’s training. The handler also - fills out training records daily, grooms and trains the assigned MWD daily, and maintains MWD kennels daily. Some of the specific requirements are: (1) May be military or DOD civilian (currently military police (MP), engineer, and SF branches of the Army). (2) Will not be selected or recruited directly out of primary–military occupational specialty (MOS) producing school. (They must demonstrate competence and practical application of primary MOS prior to selection to work with an additional specialized skill set.) (3) Should be a volunteer and exhibit high degree of affection for MWD. (4) Should be interviewed by the plans NCO, unit first sergeant and/or NCOIC, kennel master (and provost marshal for MP units) to determine maturity as a Soldier and competence in MOS skills. (5) Be medically qualified in accordance with AR 40–501 and pass a U.S. Army Crime Records Center (CRC) name check prior to selection.

Broader Terms:

kennel master
Military Working Dog

Related Terms:

Combat tracker dog
Explosives Detector Dog
Force Protection
health and welfare inspection
law enforcement
Military Police
Mine Detection Dog
Narcotics Detector Dog
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Specialized Search Dog

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