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Net-Enabled Command Capability

Definition/Scope: The Net-Enabled Command Capability (NECC) is the Department of Defense's (DoD) principal command and control capability that will be accessible in a net-centric environment and focused on providing the commander with the data and information needed to make timely, effective, and informed decisions. NECC draws from the C2 community to evolve current and provide new C2 capabilities into a fully integrated, interoperable, collaborative Joint solution. Warfighters can rapidly adapt to changing mission needs by defining and tailoring their information environment and drawing on capabilities that enable the efficient, timely, and effective command of forces and control of engagements. The NECC Program will deliver continuous C2 enhancements to the Warfighter. It will be founded on a single, net-centric, services-based C2 architecture and provide the decision support infrastructure that will enable the Warfighter to access, display, and understand the information necessary to make efficient, timely, and effective decisions. The NECC Program will be responsive to the Warfighter through tightly coupled capability needs, development, test, and user engagement processes. It will leverage existing and evolving C2 capabilities and centers of excellence with its "ABC" commitment to "Adopt-before-Buy, Buy-before-Create." Key to ABC is the adaptation of commercial best practices, architectures, and standards for C2. The capabilities to be provided will focus on Force Projection, Force Readiness, Situational Awareness, Intelligence, Force Employment (Air/Space Operations, Land Operations, Maritime/Littoral Operations), and Force Protection. NECC will ensure that C2 capability evolves towards increased net-centricity and Joint mission integration.



Broader Terms:

Command and Control
Defense Information Systems Agency
force projection
Force Protection
National Military Command System
situational awareness
US Joint Forces Command, Combatant Command, Functional/Unified

Narrower Terms:

Net-centric Enterprise Services

Related Terms:

Combat Terrain Information Systems
Global Combat Support System
Global Command and Control System - Army
Global Command and Control System-Joint
Global Information Grid
Joint Combat Capability Developer

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