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P-3C Orion Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program

Definition/Scope: The P-3C Update III Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program [AIP] Aircraft provided improvements in Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence; surveillance and over the horizon targeting (OTH-T) capabilities; and survivability. The P-3C Update III AIP Aircraft equipment improvements includes: the IR Maverick Missile; the AN/AAS-36A Infrared Detecting Set (IRDS); the AN/AVX-1 Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS); the AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar; the EP-2060 Pulse Analyzer; three Color High Resolution Display (CHRD); the Pilot Color High Resolution Display (PCHRD); the Over-the-Horizon Airborne Sensor Information System (OASIS) III; the OZ-72(V) Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal (MATT); the AN/USC-42(V)3 Miniaturized Demand Assigned Multiple Access (Mini-DAMA); the AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System (MWS); and the AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispensing System (CMDS). NATO Operation Allied Force (CTF-67) marked the combat debut of the P-3C Anti-surface Warfare Improvement Program (AIP). The Mediterranean maritime patrol force for these operations included ten P-3Cs, five of the AIP variant, and 14 crews from other Patrol Squadrons. For 94 days, Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) provided 100 percent of the Surface Combat Air Patrols (SUCAP) for the USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Battle Group and other allied ships operating in the area. CTF-67 AIP-equipped P-3's were able to directly observe commercial contraband ships as well as Yugoslav boats and ships moored at coastal sites and underway. The images were down linked to the USS Theodore Roosevelt battle group commander, giving the battle group an unprecedented real-time and near real-time view of the tactical situation. In all, CTF-67 aircraft detected and reported over 3,500 surface contacts. OLD VERSION: The P-3C AIP functions in an overland mission as a surveillance aircraft. It has limited strike capability with AGM-65 Maverick missiles (usually carries two). The EO video can be streamed to be sent to ROVERR; however, MTI and SAR products cannot be sent off the aircraft in a digital fornat. A Liaison Officer (LNO) can ride aboard the P-3C to enhance C2 with ground maneuver units.



Used For:

surveillance aircraft by name

Broader Terms:

antisubmarine aircraft
naval aircraft
P-3 Orion
P-3C Orion

Narrower Terms:

AGM-65 Maverick
air-to-ground missile
AN/AAR-47 Missile Warning System
AN/AAS-36A Infrared Detecting Set
AN/ALE-47 Countermeasures Dispensing System
AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar
AN/AVX-1 Electro-Optical Sensor System
AN/USC-42(V)3 Miniaturized Demand Assigned Multiple Access
Color High Resolution Display
EP-2060 Pulse Analyzer
IR Maverick Missile
Over-the-Horizon Airborne Sensor Information System
OZ-72(V) Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
Pilot Color High Resolution Display
ultrahigh frequency

Related Terms:

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Bureau of Customs and Border Protection
Department of Homeland Security
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