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RC-12 series Guardrail Common Sensor

Definition/Scope: The Guardrail Common Sensor (GR/CS) is a Corps level airborne Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) collection and location system that integrates the Improved GUARDRAIL V (IGR V), Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System (CHAALS), and the Advanced QUICKLOOK (AQL) into the same SIGINT platform, the RC-12K/N/P/Q aircraft. Key features include integrated COMINT and ELINT reporting, enhanced signal classification and recognition, fast Direction Finding (DF), precision emitter location, and an advanced integrated aircraft cockpit. Major improvements include frequency extension, computer assisted on-line sensor management, upgraded data links and the capability to exploit a wider range of signals. GR/CS provides near real-time SIGINT and targeting information to tactical commanders throughout the corps area with emphasis on deep battle and follow-on forces attack support. It collects selected low, mid, and high band radio signals, identifies/classifies them, determines locations of their sources, and provides near-real-time reporting to tactical commanders. The system uses an integrated processing facility (IPF) which is the control, data processing, and message center for the overall system. GR/CS targeting accuracy is also provided by the ELINT system. Ground to ground (including Commanders Tactical Terminal (CTT)) communications links also provide an interface with fixed locations and tactical users. Automated addressing to CTT field terminals provides automated message distribution to tactical commanders in near real time.

Used For:

Guardrail Common Sensor
signal intelligence



Broader Terms:

Army aircraft
communications intelligence
Electronic Intelligence
signal intelligence

Narrower Terms:

Airborne Relay Facility
Auxiliary Ground Equipment
Commanders Tactical Terminal
Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System
Guardrail V
Integrated Processing Facility
mobile subscriber equipment
Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition
ultrahigh frequency
very high frequency

Related Terms:

airborne reconnaissance low

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