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small extension node

Definition/Scope: (FM 11-55) The small extension node (SEN) supports the communications needs of smaller CPs. The AN/TTC-48(V1) can support 26 wired subscribers and the (V2) can support 41 subscribers. Users have access to NCs and to the rest of MSE via LOS radios that connect to the small extension node switch (SENS) by cable or SHF radio systems. The SEN also provides automatic subscriber finding features when connected to an node center station (NCS) or a large extension node (LEN). These features allow permanent subscriber address assignment, and they remove the requirement of knowing where the subscriber is physically located.



Broader Terms:

large extension node
large extension nodes
mobile subscriber equipment
small extension node
tactical satellite

Narrower Terms:

Line of Sight communication
satellite communication
small extension node

Related Terms:

Information Management
Joint Network Node
Local Area Network
Network Operations
radio access unit
secure communications
Wide Area Network

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