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Joint Personnel Recovery Center

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-50) A Joint Personnel Recovery Center (JPRC) is used to plan, coordinate, and monitor personnel recovery (PR) missions, and to integrate PR activities with other operations and activities in the assigned operational area. The JPRC is also the Joint Forces Commanders's (JFC) primary coordinator for PR assistance to another nation or other appropriate civil entity, when such assistance is authorized by the President of the United States, the SecDef, or by US-approved prior agreements. CCDRs should establish a JPRC in the earliest stages of operational planning, or designate a supported commander for PR or joint task force (JTF), to ensure integration with other command and control and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance entities. The JPRC should be integrated into the JFC's or designated supported commander's appropriate operations center.



Broader Terms:

Personnel Recovery Coordination Cell

Related Terms:

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